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Hair Tutorial: Milk Maid Braids

Allison Song

I teamed up with my friend, Stacy, to do another fun hair tutorial. Keep scrolling to see how to create these milk maid braids! 


1. Start by french braiding the top right of your hair.


2. Braid all the way down.

3. French braid the whole left side in an upwards fashion.

4. French braid the bottom right of your hair (also in an upwards fashion). 


5. Once all braids are finished and tied, start wrapping and bobby pinning the the braids in place at the crown of your head.

6. Tuck and bobby pin the ends of the braids, and hair spray to tame any flyaways. 

Optional: Bobby pin flowers into your new milk maid braids! 

Tutorial: Stacy Oh

Photography: Sooji Kimn

Headwrap Tutorial: Boho Vibes

Allison Song

Here is another fun headwrap tutorial by the ladies of Irrelephant Blog! 


1. Start with hair that's already textured, curled or flat ironed. Grab your choice of headwrap and wrap it under your hair *leave about and inch or two of hair out around your face*. 

2. Tie the headwrap in a simple tie. Tuck the extra strands of wrap underneath (If wrap feels loose, add a few bobby pins to anchor it down). Now grab that extra hair you left out and on each side pin it back! 

Tutorial and photography by Irrelephant Blog


Hair Tutorial: Looped Bun

Allison Song

I teamed up with my good friend, Stacy, to do this fun hair tutorial before I chopped 16" of my hair off last summer! Excited to finally share it with you. 


1. Start by twisting and pinning the front part of your hair to the lower part of your ear (on both sides).

Start by twisting

2. Use a hair band/tie to wrap it around your hair.

3. Loop 0.5" pieces of hair into the hair tie/band. 

4. Keep looping! You can also use bobby pins to keep the loops in place. 

5. After you finished looping when you can no longer see the hair tie/band, pull the loops out to create volume. Bobby pin close to where you ended your twists. 

6. With the remaining hair, pin it underneath the bun at the nape of your neck. This will keep the bun from weighing down.

7. Add final bobby pins and apply hair spray to secure the bun in place.

Optional: Pin in flowers to complete your looped bun look! 

Hair tutorial: Stacy Oh

Photography: Sooji Kimn